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According to Abbigail: Four ways to boost end-of-the-year productivity


As school hits that final stretch every year, I find myself needing more motivation and focus. But, with the right strategies, there are ways to beat the post-spring break slump and finish the school year strong. Here are my top four unique ways to stay productive through finals week.

Mindful time blocking

Instead of the classic time management techniques, try a more mindful approach to time blocking. Set aside specific blocks of time for different tasks, but blend them with mindful practices. Before each block, take a few minutes to center yourself — whether through deep breathing or some light movement. During the block, focus only on your chosen task, eliminating distractions and staying present. This not only helps productivity but also gives mental clarity and relieves stress.

Give yourself rewards

Want a great way to motivate yourself? Try out a system where completing tasks is rewarded with something fun. This could be a short break to grab a treat, watch an episode of your favorite show or even a moment to relax and unwind. By teaching yourself to associate being productive with positive experiences, you’ll be more motivated to tackle your to-do list. Be sure to choose rewards that are meaningful to you while making sure they’re not too big for the amount of effort your tasks take to complete.

Pomodoro technique with a twist 

I used to live by Pomodoro, a technique involving working for a set period — usually 25 minutes — followed by a short break. While this method can work for many people, adding a twist can make it even more motivating. One of my favorite tweaks is adding physical activity or stretch sessions during my breaks. This refreshes your mind and reenergizes your body, keeping you alert and focused. Explore what feels best for you! Maybe it’s some yoga, a walk, simple stretches or a quick workout video. Whatever you choose, make it something you enjoy. 

Use affirmations regularly

A great way to stay focused and motivated is to take a few moments each day to visualize your goals and your capabilities. Try positive affirmations in the mirror while you get ready, like “I am capable and focused” or “I make progress with every action I take.”

If you struggle with what to say, look up an affirmations podcast! There’s an endless library of affirmations for all areas of life, from school and work to relationships. While it can feel silly at first, practicing a positive mindset will boost your confidence and motivation, making it easier to stay productive to the very end of the school year. 

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