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Introduction of CBD distillate

It may be surprised to learn the many ways that you can get in your daily dose of CBD (cannabidiol). While CBD edibles, oils, and topical are popular like that many people are looking at more potent products in CBD distillate concentrates, oils, CBD hash, and more. You may be confused by the terminology of CBD used if you’re new in the world. Sometime CBD distillate is used interchangeably with CBD oil and CBD isolate however they aren’t the same thing. How it is different from other CBD products and helps you to make an informed decision. We are here to clear up any confusion about what is CBD distillate.


CBD Distillate is golden and viscous oil that typically include around 70 to 80% CBD. The distillate is a highly refined extract that has undergone distillation and this process to remove certain cannabinoids from the original full-spectrum oil.  This process start with the extraction of CBD from hemp plants using methods like CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction. Mainly the aim is to remove the THC and other alkaloids to leave only CBD isolate in its purest form. It is the final step of distillation that separates the CBD from other components based on their boiling points, resulting in a clear, viscous liquid that is rich in CBD.

Difference between CBD isolate and distillate

 Mostly people get confused about CBD isolate and CBD distillate. But it is not surprising and considering that they are both highly refined and concentrated forms of CBD. However, the key difference in the cannabinoid contents of these products, it’s depending on the level of refinement.

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CBD isolate

CBD isolate is CBD distillate that has been more refined until only pure CBD molecules are left and therefore CBD isolate is a purer and more refined form of CBD than CBD distillate. CBD isolate is fined in the crystal form because white coloured powder that contains only the cannabidiol compounds. This is the purest form of CBD available with at least 99.5% cannabidiol content and much higher than the 80% cannabidiol content of CBD distillate. The mean of this purity that CBD isolate does not include any of the many other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant as well as the psychoactive compound THC.


Is it true CBD distillate better than isolate?

One is not better than the other because it does simply depend on personal preference and what works for your individual needs. Who wants to avoid THC altogether or who suffer regular drug testing CBD isolate is more suitable for those people. On the other hand, CBD distillates contain a wider range of cannabinoids that may result in greater health benefits. 

How is CBD distillate made?

Like the name itself suggests that CBD distillate production is, at its core, a distillation process. There are other steps involved from extracting CBD and other cannabinoids from the raw hemp plant to the final distillate. Here we talk about each step of the process.


 Mostly the extraction process is carried out with a solvent like carbon dioxide (CO2) or ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and to extract various cannabinoids and terpenes without themselves attaching to the resulting substance. After converting the gas into a supercritical state CO2 is used where in it exhibits characteristics of both liquid and gas simultaneously. Ethanol can be directly used as it exists in liquid form at room temperature unlike to CO2.


Further, the extracted product is mixed with ethanol in a container and kept chilled for two days. It may help to solidify impurities as a result they will separate from the required components and settle at the bottom.


The decarboxylation process used to activate the cannabinoids in the distillate ‘waking up’ the CBD and other cannabinoids. These processes also get free of certain elements that give the distillate a leafy taste.



Final distillation

 In the final step, the ultimate distillation that eliminate any further impurities from the product by heating the distillate in a vacuum chamber that lowers the boiling point. The vapour produced is condensed to obtain the final product.


How to use CBD distillate

In order to take advantage of the benefits of this powerful form of CBD, CBD distillate once produced can be integrated into a number of products.

CBD distillate once produced can be integrated into a number of products in order to take advantage of the benefits of this powerful form of CBD.

CBD oil

One of the best ways to take CBD distillate is in the form of oil. It is easy and convenient to take CBD oil. Moreover, it can be consumed as is or added to foods or beverages and distillate oils are highly concentrated and therefore powerful. It is important to come to know the difference between CBD oil and CBD distillate. CBD distillate may be oil however not all oils are distillates.


Get the same benefits of CBD as when taken directly or even CBD can be mixed with your favourite dishes and consumed as normal. This can also be used in cooking, CBD cakes, made into CBD smoothies and baked into your favourite CBD brownies.


CBD distillate is also used in the form of creams, lotions, or other topical on to your skin. When you apply it over your skin, body will absorb it. When you prepare your own topical at home by mixing the distillate with ingredients such as coconut oil, you can also buy CBD balm ready-made.




Another easy and quick way to take CBD distillate is Vapourising or vaping. There are many dedicated devices that are widely available on the market like vaporisers, vape pens, cartridges and e-cigarettes including those designed to be used with CBD distillate.

Advantages and disadvantages of CBD distillate

CBD distillate has its own advantages and disadvantages like many other product or process. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to decide which the best is for you because a rage of CBD products available.

Advantages of CBD distillate

High potency

 CBD distillate is a concentrated substance and it can be used to manufacture highly effective products. This is also means that you don’t need very much CBD distillate to have a powerful effect.


The use of CBD distillate is highly versatile and flexible, being generally tasteless and odourless. It can be made easily into a wide variety of products and also consumed in different methods.

Disadvantages of CBD distillate

Component degradation

 Sometimes, the distillation process can degrade or take away the quality of certain components in the CBD. Similarly, manufacturers add extra terpenes to compensate for those lost due to the process. These added terpenes might be not delivering the exact effect as naturally occurring ones.

Cost of equipment

The production of CBD distillate requires expensive lab equipment while making the end product more costly than less pure CBD products.

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