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Michael DeMayo Charlotte Attorney


Michael A. DeMayo is a renowned attorney based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the founding and managing partner of DeMayo Law Offices, LLP and DeMayo Law Group, PLLC, he has dedicated his career to personal injury, consumer protection, and complex mass torts law. Over the past thirty years, he has built a firm that prioritizes the interests of its clients and team members, guided by a clear vision: “Put our clients and team member’s interests first, and everything else will follow!

DeMayo understands the challenges individuals face when seeking justice against powerful corporate interests. His firm is a crucial equalizer for those who have suffered severe injuries or significant economic losses due to negligence. Representing individuals in various cases, DeMayo Law Offices has held industries accountable for the harm caused, ensuring that the right to live free from injury and injustice is upheld. This commitment to accountability is underscored by their motto: “A right without a remedy is just a suggestion™!”

Under Michael DeMayo’s leadership, the firm has grown to over 130 legal professionals, earning national recognition for their personal injury and consumer law expertise. Their dedicated team has helped over 132,000 clients, providing invaluable support and representation to those in need.

Founder’s Vision and Philosophy

Michael A. DeMayo established his law firm with a clear and straightforward vision: put the needs and interests of clients and team members first. This philosophy underscores every action and decision made at DeMayo Law Offices.

He advocates for justice and equality, serving as a counterbalance against powerful corporate interests. DeMayo Law acts as an equalizer, holding industries and corporations accountable for the harm they cause.

His commitment to client welfare is unwavering. From those injured in severe accidents to large groups affected by defective products or chemical exposures, DeMayo’s mission is to ensure justice is served.

Michael DeMayo of Charlotte emphasizes the importance of living free from harm. He believes that when companies prioritize profits over people, they must be held accountable. This belief forms the core of his firm’s operations, ensuring every harmed individual gets the remedy they deserve.

His team is guided by plain language and client-centered policies. With over 130 legal professionals, DeMayo Law Offices has built a reputation for dedicated and compassionate client service. This approach has aided over 132,000 clients and their families, demonstrating the practical impact of his vision and philosophy.

Evolution of DeMayo Law Offices in Charlotte, NC

DeMayo Law Offices was founded in September 1992 by Michael A. DeMayo. Over the past three decades, the firm has experienced significant growth and evolution.

Initially, the firm started with a small team, focusing primarily on personal injury cases. As the firm’s reputation grew, so did its size and capabilities.

By continuously expanding its practice areas, DeMayo Law Offices specializes in consumer protection, mass torts, and complex litigation. This strategic diversification allows the firm to serve a broader range of clients.

Michael A. DeMayo’s vision centered on prioritizing clients’ needs and holding corporations accountable. This vision spurred the firm’s growth to over 130 legal professionals.

In 2003, the firm faced a significant challenge but overcame it, reinforcing its commitment to “People Over Profits.”

Today, DeMayo Law Offices has helped over 132,000 clients and offers robust legal representation across North and South Carolina. Their team comprises attorneys, paralegals, and medical professionals.

The commitment to leveraging technology and social media enhanced the firm’s engagement and client relations. This modern approach ensures that DeMayo Law Offices remains at the forefront of legal advocacy.

From a modest beginning to becoming a prominent law firm, DeMayo Law Offices’ evolution showcases a journey marked by growth, specialization, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

Role and Responsibility

Michael A. DeMayo of Charlotte, as the founding and managing partner of DeMayo Law Offices, LLP, and DeMayo Law Group, PLLC, is pivotal in directing the firm’s efforts.

He ensures the firm’s mission focuses on representing individuals harmed by powerful industries and corporations.

The firm’s primary responsibility is to hold these entities accountable for the harm they cause.

DeMayo Law Offices prioritizes the needs and interests of clients and team members.

They represent victims of serious automobile accidents, catastrophic personal injuries, defective medical devices, and pharmaceutical products.

The team is committed to ensuring justice and equality, working tirelessly to provide remedies for those affected.

DeMayo emphasizes the importance of living free from harm and injury.

The law firm’s slogan, “A right without a remedy is just a suggestion™,” underscores their dedication.

With over 130 legal experts, the team has served over 132,000 clients, providing support and legal representation.

The firm maintains a strong presence in the Carolinas and beyond by focusing on personal injury, consumer protection, and complex mass torts.

Their role remains clear: advocating for individuals and families and ensuring those responsible for harm are held accountable.

Their unique team of attorneys, paralegals, and medical professionals has been consistently recognized as leaders in their field.

This commitment to excellence and accountability drives the firm’s success and reputation.

Client and Charlotte Community Impact

DeMayo Law Offices, LLP has positively influenced countless lives through dedicated legal representation. Over 132,000 clients and their families have benefited from the firm’s expertise and commitment.

The firm’s efforts extend beyond individual cases. They actively engage with the community through various outreach programs and initiatives. These activities highlight their commitment to social responsibility.

Community Engagement

  • Safety Awareness Campaigns: Promoting safe driving and preventing accidents.
  • Scholarship Programs: Supporting higher education for students in need.
  • Public Education: Informing the public about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Michael DeMayo emphasizes the importance of providing legal assistance to those who might be overlooked. The firm’s dedication to its clients is evident in the numerous testimonials and successful case results.

In the courtroom, DeMayo Law Offices staunchly advocates for its clients. Their goal is to ensure that justice is served and that victims receive the compensation they deserve. This relentless pursuit of justice has earned them recognition both locally and nationally.

Their impact is also felt in charitable contributions and partnerships with local organizations to improve community welfare. By supporting these causes, they also reaffirm their commitment to making a positive difference outside the courtroom.

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury: The firm represents clients in various personal injury cases, including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip-and-fall incidents.

Consumer Protection: DeMayo Law Offices protects consumers from fraudulent and deceptive business practices. This includes taking action against companies that violate consumer rights.

Complex Mass Torts: The firm handles large-scale litigation involving multiple plaintiffs, including cases related to harmful medical devices, dangerous pharmaceutical products, and chemical exposures.

Camp Lejeune Litigation: Exclusively managing cases stemming from water contamination at Camp Lejeune, the firm advocates for victims of toxic exposure.

Wrongful Death: The firm provides legal representation for families who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of others.

Workers’ Compensation: Helping injured workers secure the compensation they deserve, DeMayo Law Offices assists clients in navigating workers’ compensation claims.

Brain Injury Cases: DeMayo Law Offices represents clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries due to accidents or negligence.

Medical Malpractice: The firm handles cases where medical professionals have caused harm through negligence, including surgical errors and misdiagnoses.

Dangerous and Defective Products: DeMayo Law Offices fights for clients injured by defective products, from malfunctioning machinery to hazardous consumer goods.

Legal Team and Recognition

The DeMayo Law Offices, LLP boasts a dedicated team of over 130 legal professionals, including experienced attorneys, paralegals, and medical experts. This diverse group works tirelessly to represent and assist clients with personal injury and consumer law cases.

Team Composition:

  • Attorneys: Specialized in personal injury, consumer protection, and complex mass torts.
  • Paralegals: Support attorneys and clients with legal documentation and research.
  • Medical Professionals: Provide expert opinions and support for injury and medical-related cases.

Recognition and Awards:

DeMayo Law Offices has been consistently recognized for their contributions to Personal Injury and Consumer Law. Michael A. DeMayo, the founding and managing partner, received accolades, such as the 2023 Leader in Law from relevant legal institutions.


  • Client Base: Assisted over 132,000 clients.
  • Experience: Over three decades of legal service.
  • Professional Growth: Team expansion to over 130 professionals.

This focus on building a robust and dynamic team has ensured that DeMayo Law Offices remains a leader in providing comprehensive legal services and achieving justice for their clients.

Client Representation Philosophy

Michael A. DeMayo’s client representation philosophy centers around compassion, dedication, and accountability.

He believes that every client deserves empathetic and personalized attention. He handles their struggles and cases with the utmost care and seriousness.

Clients’ interests are always prioritized. DeMayo Law Offices strive to ensure justice and equity for individuals against powerful corporate entities.

The firm holds itself accountable for delivering significant outcomes for those harmed by negligence or wrongful actions.

Transparency in communication is essential. Clients are kept informed through every stage of their case.

The team at DeMayo Law utilizes advanced technology and social media to enhance the representation process and ensure their clients’ voices are heard.

Michael A. DeMayo and his team consistently provide effective legal representation for personal injury victims by focusing on these principles.

Michael DeMayo Charlotte Lawyer’s Commitment to Justice and Accountability

Michael A. DeMayo of Charlotte emphasizes the importance of justice and accountability in his legal practice. His vision for DeMayo Law Offices centers on ensuring that individuals who suffer harm can seek and obtain the justice they deserve.

Central to their mission, DeMayo Law Offices holds powerful corporations accountable for their actions. These corporations often prioritize profits over people, leading to significant harm.

The firm’s role extends to a wide range of cases, such as catastrophic personal injuries, medical device failures, and chemical exposure. Each case undertaken amplifies their commitment to serving as an equalizer against powerful interests.

DeMayo Law Offices’ team includes over 130 experienced legal professionals. This diverse team works tirelessly to represent their clients’ rights. Their dedication ensures victims can live free from harm and receive proper remedies for injustices suffered.

DeMayo Law Offices focuses on accountability to address the imbalance between individuals and large corporations. Their commitment provides victims with the legal support needed to challenge corporate negligence effectively.


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