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Matthew Oldford Nova Scotia Entrepreneur 


Born in 1980 in Canada, Matthew Oldford is a successful Nova Scotia entrepreneur, real estate investor, developer, and the founder/owner of Matty Renos, a residential renovation construction company known for its seamless design-build process, attention to detail, and quality products. Matthew is also accredited as a Chief Financial Planner (CFP).

At 22, after attending Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), Matthew began his career in construction. He worked for a local builder and later as a coastal roofing quoting agent, fast-tracked to a managerial position. His diverse experience spans residential and commercial building systems, roofing projects, and finance.

With his strong background in finance and construction, Matthew Oldford of Nova Scotia founded Matty Renos in 2018. He converted his residential properties into lucrative Airbnb investments and earned a solid reputation in property conversions and renovations. This venture began a series of successful client projects and personal development initiatives, making him a prominent figure in the real estate industry.

Early Life and Education

Matthew Oldford’s early life and education set the foundation for his career in construction and finance. Matthew was born and raised in Canada, and his academic and work experiences have shaped his professional journey.

Birth and Origin

Matthew Oldford was born in 1980 in Canada. Growing up, he was interested in how things were built, fostering a curiosity that would later define his career—his formative years in Canada provided him with the cultural and educational backdrop necessary for his future construction and real estate investment endeavors.

Initial Education and Construction Entry in Nova Scotia

After completing high school, Matthew attended Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). At 22, he entered the construction industry by working for a local builder. Despite having no prior experience, Matthew quickly adapted, learning various building systems and construction methodologies.

His hands-on experience laid the groundwork for his proficiency in residential and commercial construction. His subsequent role as a quoting agent for a coastal roofing company bolstered his managerial and technical skills, which were integral to his future pursuits. This blend of education and early career experiences formed the bedrock of his expertise in construction and finance.

Professional Development

Matthew Oldford’s professional journey spans the construction and financial sectors, providing him with a unique perspective and a robust skill set. His practical experience in building systems complements his financial acumen.

Nova Scotia Construction Experience

Matthew Oldford’s construction career began at 22 after he graduated from Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). He started working for a local builder and quickly gained hands-on experience in building systems and methodologies.

Matthew then joined a coastal roofing company, advancing to a managerial position. He quoted and managed roofing projects ranging from $20,000 to $250,000. His responsibilities included project oversight and employee management.

In 2017, he joined the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA) as a foreman. He managed teams of 10 to 15 employees and oversaw various construction projects.

Financial Sector Experience

Matthew resumed studies in 2007, earning investment management credentials, including CCF, Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Life License Qualification Program (LLQP), CPH, and GIE. This academic accomplishment paved the way for a shift in the financial industry.

He worked for Scotiabank as a Financial Planner and later became a Mobile Mortgage Specialist. In these roles, Matthew applied his financial knowledge to help clients manage investments and mortgages.

In 2017, Matthew decided to return to the construction industry. He leveraged his financial expertise to enhance his work in property development and renovation, ultimately leading to the founding of Matty Renos in 2018.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneurial Ventures

Matthew Oldford from Nova Scotia has embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures, combining his expertise in finance and construction. Notably, his most significant achievements include the formation of Matty Renos and strategic investments in real estate and AirBnB properties.

Formation of Matty Renos

In 2018, Matthew Oldford founded Matty Renos, a company specializing in residential renovation construction. The firm quickly gained a reputation for its seamless design-build process and commitment to quality.

Matty Renos initially focused on converting residential properties, which laid the groundwork for its future growth. By leveraging his previous experience in construction and financial planning, Matthew effectively addressed these projects’ structural and economic aspects, ensuring they met the highest standards.

Real Estate Investments and Airbnb

Matthew’s journey into real estate investment began with converting a residential home he owned into an Airbnb. This venture proved highly profitable and started a series of successful property conversions.

Following this success, he transformed a single-family house into a duplex, extending his portfolio of Airbnb properties. These investments boosted his financial returns and solidified his standing in the local real estate market.

Matthew continued to expand his investments by collaborating with other developers, such as working on a duplex conversion with ZZAP in downtown Dartmouth. These strategic partnerships and projects have contributed to his growing influence in the real estate sector.

Matt Oldford’s Success in Renovation and Development

Matthew Oldford leveraged his comprehensive understanding of finance and construction to achieve remarkable success in the renovation and development sector.

Upon founding Matty Renos in 2018, Matthew began by converting a residential property into an Airbnb, setting the stage for future projects. This initial venture exceeded financial expectations, providing the momentum needed for further developments.

Residential Conversions

  • Transforming single-family homes into more profitable multi-unit properties became a hallmark of his work.
  • Each project emphasized quality and attention to detail, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

Client Projects

Matthew soon expanded his services to client properties. His ability to deliver superior renovations attracted a growing clientele.

  • Every client project was managed with the same dedication and precision as his investments.
  • Matty Renos’ seamless design-build process became well-known locally.

The ZZAP Collaboration

Collaboration with companies like ZZAP highlighted Matthew’s capacity to handle complex projects.

  • One standout project was a duplex conversion in downtown Dartmouth, further solidifying his reputation.

His dual expertise in construction and finance allowed him to manage costs while efficiently enhancing property value. Each renovation and development undertaken by Matty Renos reflects Matthew Oldford’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Financial Planning and Mortgage Expertise

Matthew Oldford’s expertise in financial planning began in 2007 when he earned his investment management accreditation. This included CCF, Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Life License Qualification Program (LLQP), CPH, and GIE.

He applied his financial knowledge by working for Scotiabank as a Financial Planner for five years.

In 2012, Matthew transitioned to a new role as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist. His in-depth knowledge of the residential mortgage market was invaluable. For five years, he helped clients navigate the complexities of mortgage financing before returning to the construction industry.

While at Scotiabank, Matthew’s investment management and mortgage finance skills provided clients with tailored solutions to meet their financial goals. This experience solidified his reputation for financial acumen.

Influences on Career Path

Matthew Oldford’s career path in construction and finance has been shaped by several significant influences.

Educational Background

His education at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) laid the groundwork.

Matt’s studies taught him essential knowledge of practical construction techniques and financial planning.

Early Job Experiences

His first role with a local builder at age 22 offered hands-on experience.

This was invaluable in understanding building systems and methodologies.

Transition to Roofing and Management

His subsequent position with a coastal roofing company further honed his managerial skills.

Rapid promotion within the company offered critical insights into managing large-scale projects and teams.

Return to Finance

Returning to NSCC to pursue investment management marked another turning point.

The comprehensive program broadened his expertise in the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP).

Scotiabank Experience

Working as a Financial Planner and later as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist at Scotiabank deepened his understanding of financial markets.

Personal Projects and Airbnb Ventures

His decision to turn his properties into Airbnbs in 2018 showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

Experience with LIUNA

His stint as a foreman at the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA) sharpened his leadership skills, as he managed 10 to 15 employees.

Forming Matty Renos

The creation of Matty Renos can be seen as a culmination of his diversified experiences in finance and construction.

This blend of knowledge enabled him to elevate properties and achieve substantial financial success.


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