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Best Probiotics for Gut Health: Four Qualities To Look For

It’s important to love your gut, something you’ve surely heard lately. But what exactly does that mean? When you think of a gut, you might remember an uncle who talked about his beer gut at family events, or connect it to the experience of feeling gutted after getting bad news.

There is more to your gut than either of these memories, and your gut health is actually extremely important to your overall well being. If you experience gut unhealth, you probably live with discomfort, bloating, or irregular bowel movements but never realized these were connected to your gut—nor that they can be reversed! The simple solution is probiotics. But with so many options available on the market, how can you ever narrow it down to the best one?

Keep reading to find out the four qualities to look for when choosing a probiotic for your gut health. Any choice that meets all of these attributes is one of the best for you.

What Is Your Gut and Why Does It Need To Stay Healthy?

Your gut refers to your gastrointestinal, or GI, system, which connects to many different parts of your body including your stomach, small and large intestines, esophagus, and throat. Clearly, having an unhealthy gut can have quite a widespread effect!

Your GI system is responsible for intaking the solid and liquid foods you eat and breaking them down to the benefits they offer. For example, foods provide energy from their nutrients, so the organs in your gut change food into energy to fuel your body. Since this is such an important job, any imbalance can have serious negative effects. All types of unhealthiness produce physical signs, and some indicators of an unhappy gut are bloating, stomach pain, skin problems like breakouts or rashes, and weight changes. 

What Are the Best Qualities To Look For in Probiotics?

Probiotics, which are live healthy bacterias, promote healthy gut biomes by leveling out the good and bad bacteria inside your body. Rather than hinder or change your GI system’s composition, they offer additional support to ensure your gut can do its job of breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. 

You want to make sure you buy the best probiotics for gut health. Here are some excellent qualities to have in your probiotic formula so you know it’s working efficiently.

Make Sure It Has Billions of Healthy Bacteria

Colony forming units, or CFUs, are found in probiotics to help balance the gut. In order for them to effectively aid in your GI system’s process, including your digestion, your body needs to interact with a lot of them—like a lot. A good amount of healthy bacteria strains to expect in your probiotic is a few billion. While it sounds like an excessive number, you will be able to find a probiotic that meets this requirement, so don’t settle for any CFU amount less than one billion.

Choose a Formula Free From Gluten and Unnecessary Filler Ingredients

Even if you don’t follow a gluten-free diet, you don’t need the ingredient in your probiotic supplement. Gut health products that contain gluten could indicate the use of unnecessary filler ingredients, when all you need is the good stuff. Plus, since probiotics are meant to aid in digestion and gut health and reduce symptoms of unbalance, and since gluten is an ingredient that can lead to indigestion and symptoms like those of an imbalanced gut, the gluten could be counteractive in your body.

Considering the importance of choosing the right probiotic, Bellabiotics emerges as a gluten-free solution designed to prioritize your gut health. With Bellabiotics, you can trust in a probiotic supplement that excludes unnecessary fillers like gluten, ensuring you get the maximum benefits for a balanced and healthy digestive system. Make the smart choice for your gut with Bellabiotics – because sometimes, what’s left out matters just as much as what’s included.

Select a Low Maintenance and Long Lasting Probiotic

Instead of worrying about a quickly expiring probiotic, or one that needs to be stored in the fridge, opt for a low maintenance product. The last thing you need is another beauty or health product that requires a lot of effort on your end. Lots of probiotics have simple dosages, like a capsule or gummy, and can be stored at room temperature, which will make your life easier. 

Aim for a Long Lasting Result, Not an Instant Fix

Probiotics work with your system to build up the amount of healthy good bacteria that is in your gut and to reduce the amount of unhealthy bad bacteria; this process takes time. Any probiotic formula that markets instant results is one you should steer away from, since it denies the very nature of a probiotic’s long term role. Think of the bigger picture and choose a product that will provide lasting results.


Your gut health is not something you should ignore; your gastrointestinal system plays a huge role in your overall well being, as it breaks down food into nutrients and energy. Fortunately, probiotics are the perfect solution to healing your gut in a long term manner. Follow these guidelines when selecting your probiotic formula to ensure you choose a quality product, and you can’t go wrong!

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