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The Differences Between CBD Oil Tinctures Vs Pure Oil


If there is something that people want to find these days, it is a source of natural and safe medicine. You might already be familiar with many other options in the market these days. There is almost a solution available for every kind of disease or ailment. The pandemic may have proven that wrong, but most of us are still looking for safe and effective options for everyday diseases, as you can see here:

One of the prominent medicines that became popular in this century is CBD. It is not a strange word for many of us, as it has been featured in countless articles and news reports. Also, it has been the subject of controversy due to its potential effects on our nervous system. However, many people advocate for its legalization and acceptance in our society, as you can see with the many organizations that support it.

The New Age For Medical Marijuana

As we all know, though, the main reason why it is controversial is due to one of its main sources: cannabis. It has been outlawed in various countries all over the world due to its inherent potency. Some studies show prolonged use can affect our mental state, so government institutions decided to ban them instead. It became rather popular with the younger crowd, though, and science experts began to experiment with it.

Once the experiments had gone off with their results, the findings were on the side of cannabis. The extracts that were derived from it were considered safe for use. The main one, cannabidiol or cbd is not psychoactive, according to their research. As people started to experiment, there were other plants added to the studies as well. When medical marijuana was introduced to the market, it became a sensation in many areas around the world.

There were rumors of a new type of cure that was discovered in the plants, but it was always deemed too dangerous by the masses. It was not until the late 2010s when products like these suddenly became a part of the cultural zeitgeist. People talk about it all the time while enticing others into trying the legal options. It may not be legal yet here in the US, but the number of people using it is increasing every single day.

As we have mentioned, there are many products that you can find in many stores and online shops these days. One of the most common ones is CBD oil, which is cannabidiol mixed with a neutral-flavored oil. In its purest form, CBD is not something that you would want to use. The oil tempers the strength, which makes it easier to control the dosage that one can take. However, another product used to be the most common in shops.

CBD tinctures are often confused with oils because, at some point, they were the same. They were marketed as something that you can just use in small amounts. It didn’t help that both were almost always encased in a bottle with a dropper as a cap. However, we must make a distinction now because they can function in different ways. Their potency might not differ a lot, but the way you use them matters.

The Main Differences

  1. Tinctures Are Mixed With Alcohol

One of the main differences between oils and tinctures is the mixture itself. CBD oil is often steeped with natural oils, which makes them easier to mix. Making tinctures involves steeping the plant in alcohol, which gives it a slightly different flavor and color. The consistency also differs as it is a little thinner than oil, which makes it great with a dropper on hand.

  1. Tinctures Have A Bitter Flavor

Most of the ones that you will find in the market these days will often have a bitter flavor. It is due to all the alcohol used, and it does not lend itself well with flavorings. On the other hand, oils are great for many flavors and aromas since it carries all the molecules along with it. The fragrances mask the scent, while the flavor makes it more palatable.

  1. Tinctures Have A Specific Way To Use Them

As with CBD oil, you can mix it with almost anything, and it will work. You cannot even taste or smell it most of the time if you bake or cook with it. However, it is different with tinctures since you cannot use them for cooking (read more). You need to put a drop under your tongue to use a tincture properly, or it will not work as well.

This limits the tincture’s versatility as you cannot cook with it like the oils. However, it saves you a lot of money since you are not going to use it a lot.

  1. Tinctures Are Only For Human Use

Due to the alcohol content, a CBD tincture is not ideal for animal use. You may have heard people using CBD oil as a supplement for their animals, but it does not work with a tincture. It might even affect them negatively, especially since most of these products will have other additives that make them work with humans. If you want to give your pet some cannabidiol, stick to the ones that are made for pets.

As you can see, tinctures and oils vary from one another even though they come from the same plant. It may take some time before it becomes fully legal to use CBD, but we must wait for now. We have many advocates that are pushing for its legalization, and we might see it soon.

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