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The Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Lifestyle



If you plan to get a dog that would be ideal for apartment living, you want to think carefully. While canines are a wild breed, some of them do better in a home setting where there is a yard for them to play. But this doesn’t mean that if you live in an apartment, you shouldn’t get a pet. Many dog breeds can easily adapt to living in an apartment. And without trying too much, they could quickly turn out to be the best roommate ever.

Want to find out the history of dog breeds that are ideal for having in an apartment? Below are some of the best doggies you can have indoors without any stress.


It may be a stretch to suggest one of the fastest dogs as one that is perfect for an apartment. But according to many people who live in flats, they agree that the Greyhound could be the best friend to have indoors. Known to be highly sensitive, these breeds of canines could be the best for warm weather settings. And since they don’t need to go out more often to feel alive, they could be ideal for stay-at-home moms and dads. They are affectionate towards the family and great with kids.

You’ll also find that they warm up easily to strangers especially when they don’t feel threatened. They are also easy to groom and won’t mind a good dog chow that has all the right nutrients. You should know they are highly energetic and will need frequent exercise to keep them in shape.


While this breed may seem like they can tear up the whole place, they do well as lounge dogs. So you can consider them if you require a pet who won’t be a burden to share your apartment with. In addition to being great with the family, they are calm towards strangers. So you don’t have to worry about bringing friends home as they could be hardly bothered by new faces in the house.

But you may wake up to find them snuggling between you and your partner when they spend the night at your place. You won’t find them challenging to groom, but you should be ready to deal with drools around the house as they are known to leave a lot of saliva in their path. This link has more on how to deal with excess drooling from canines.

Boston Terriers

Loved for their short coats, the Boston Terrier is a good pet to have indoors. This means that you won’t have to vacuum three times daily to get the fur out of your carpet. They work well with other pets and kids, so if you are a single mum with a cat and need another pet to complete the home, you may want to consider this breed. They are playful as they have the energy and intensity to run around the place. But they don’t mind chilling on the sofa wandering about what you may have ready for lunch or dinner.

They also don’t make a mess when it is bath time and will surely be there for you on days when you are feeling down. They don’t say much; they’ll just snuggle up close letting you know that they are there for you always.



Their all-white color makes them better suited for an apartment lifestyle where they don’t have to go outdoors to play in the dirt. And what’s even better is they like a stress-free life where meals are ready on time and they get all the love they need from their owners. They don’t mind if you have friends over or if your boyfriend is spending the weekend over at the crib so long as they don’t encroach on their personal space. And could also be less bothered with what is happening outside, so long as they have all they need indoors.

They can work in a family setting, but may not be the best option for homes with kids or other pets as they could quickly get moody when they don’t feel they are getting enough attention.

German Spitz

Another good dog breed for apartment living is the German Spitz. The fox-looking breed is a gentle soul on most days, but they could quickly get uneasy when around strangers. They do well in family settings and don’t mind homes with kids, but you want to be careful with introducing them in homes with other dogs. Their high energy level means they could get playful when you initiate it.

But they could be less bothered about running around if you know how to entertain them. They could be a handful to groom as their double coat will require a good number of brushes weekly to maintain. You can find more here on how to take care of your dog coat.


The mischievous pug is also loved among many apartment dwellers who surely get enough of their affection when they get in the mood. Known to do well with kids and other pets in the home, they could be the best choice if you are looking for a decent canine addition to the family. Although they may be a handful to train due to their excessive playfulness, once you can set the ground rules, they do well to take instructions.

They are easy to groom and would play nice if you can keep to a regular meal schedule. But you should not feed them more than necessary as they could quickly put on weight that could affect them negatively.

Final Note

You can find dog breeds that will work well in an apartment and not bother the neighbors. But you will have to make sure to define their space so they don’t bother you in your room. Except you don’t mind sharing your bed with them, you will need to make provision for them to relax better in their space.

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