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Editors’ Picks: What’s in and what’s out in 2024

The Collegian Editorial Board members pick what’s “in” and what’s “out” for K-State in 2024

Luke Lazarczyk

In: Gap Goat

Gap Goat became the symbol for Kansas State women’s basketball’s ascent into greatness. The No. 7 ranked team and Gap Goat are the talk of the town. If you are unaware of the high-flying Wildcats or the most famous stuffed animal on campus, find out.

Out: Procrastination  

It’s 2024. Everyone is getting things done and going the extra mile. Instead of constantly refreshing X or checking betting odds on everything up to table tennis, get your work done, hit the gym, look for jobs and pop off.


Margaret Latenser

In: Long-term pieces and thrifting

It is time to invest in clothes we love and will wear forever. Start building your capsule wardrobe in 2024. 

Out: Fast fashion

I get it; that $2 going out top sounds like a great idea for your closet and budget. Let’s face it, though, it’s probably see-through, won’t last long enough to wear more than twice, and not worth the damage it causes our world.


Emma Lazarczyk

In: Vision boards

This is the year to fully visualize what you want for yourself. Create a vision board with printed pictures pasted in a frame or as your laptop home screen. Vision boards allow you to envision what you want to accomplish, the person you want to be and to see the person you want to become every day.

Out: Communication through Snapchat

Snapchat can be fun with all the filters, and it is okay to post a selfie with your friends and inside jokes on your private story, but texting someone through actual messages creates a more genuine connection. 


Gwyneth Davidson

In: Learning a new hobby

During syllabus week, we all have been asked by a professor to “talk to the class about any hobbies you have.” 2024 is the year of having an answer to this question you did not make up. Learning a new hobby or skill is enriching as it promotes mindfulness, relieves stress, boosts creativity and develops new skill sets. A hobby can be anything from cross-stitching to hiking, as long as it makes spending time with yourself and others enjoyable.  

Out: Mindlessly scrolling online

All the cool girls know that mindlessly scrolling on social media is so 2023. As addicting as it can be, it becomes a hole many of us retreat to when we become bored. You might feel super connected looking through your Instagram and TikTok feed 24/7 but you are missing out on all the opportunities happening around you. By following my advice, you can replace your scroll time with a hobby that can help you discover your hidden passions.


Avery Johnson

In: Supporting women’s sports

Though women’s sports have been around and on the rise for many years now, I think 2024 is the time to realize how important it is to support female athletes and those working in sports. With the start of the KC Current and K-State women’s basketball on the rise, now is a perfect time for everyone to start supporting and encouraging these athletes and teams. 

Out: Overworking into exhaustion 

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I get into a good groove and routine, I will go until there is no gas left in the tank. I have found that overworking myself until the point of pure exhaustion is not a healthy way to live, and I have found myself constantly cycling through overworking, breaking down, then overworking yet again. 2024 is the year to prioritize self-care and to remember that it is okay to take much needed time for yourself. 


Carter Schaffer

In: Lavender

Live, lav, love. K-State’s lavender obsession needs to continue into the new year. It’s a great off-color to royal purple and it’s a hit with the fan base. Basketball is fully embracing it, and the rest of the athletic department should as well. A lavender alternate jersey for football would be a certified classic.

Out: Snow day Zooms

While the emergence of Zoom and ease of remote meetings probably makes the snow day decision easier to call, nothing quite puts a damper on a free day like still having to attend class. Even if it is just rolling out of bed to turn on your computer.


Meredith McCalmon

In: Self-discovery

Things become much easier when you determine what works for you. Whether it be a studying strategy, new hobby or group of friends, discover what makes you feel energized and inspired. 2024 is the year to know yourself. 

Out: LINK scooters



Cole Bertelsen

In: Side hustles

With rising prices and constant bills, having multiple sources of income is a necessity for college students. The benefit of having a side job in addition to your main occupation is that it’s lower pressure and more freeing. You can take more risks and follow your dreams impulsively when pursuing a side hustle compared to holding a stable main job. Who knows, maybe doing what you enjoy on the side could grow into a full career. 

Out: Bad movies

With increasingly lower-quality blockbusters seeing decreasing profits, audiences are becoming more critical and careful with their money. Criticizing poorly-made films and supporting good movies influences what will be made in the future. 

Kate Hermelink

In: Podcasts

Podcasts are an easy way to consume information while multitasking. Listeners can follow along while running, cooking or even driving. Most podcasts are posted through free domains, which can be a plus for people that are looking for entertainment on a budget.

Out: People pleasing

In this new generation, everyone carries an opinion and owns it. People have stopped caring what other people think and that has allowed them to express their true self.


Kaitlynn Faber

In: Rejection letters

At the beginning of January, my close friend, one of the most brilliant women I’ve ever met, received a rejection letter from one of her choice grad schools. While the rejection hurts, it’s been a vital redirection to better things and inspired me to reach higher and see what happens. Now, that letter is so much more than a rejection; it’s another way she’s changed my perspective on life, and hopefully, this year, I’ll have some too.

Out: Chicken salad

Chicken salad is absolutely the most vile, putrid substance I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering, and nobody will change my mind. #thisismyrejectionlettertochickensalad


Cole Deutschendorf

In: Sushi

Sushi is great, and you should give it a chance if you haven’t already. Expand that palate, one bite of raw tuna sitting atop seaweed covered with soy sauce and wasabi at a time. 

Out: Throwing fits over sporting events

Let me be the first to say: if my younger self heard me saying this, he would probably give me a bewildered look and dismiss me as a clone from an alternate universe. I am extremely competitive, and I am heavily attached to my favorite sports teams, whether it’s the Chiefs, Minnesota Timberwolves or any K-State team. However, there is a good way to handle losing and a bad way to handle losing. Younger Cole would have sulked and complained for hours after the game, letting it affect my mood for multiple days. Older, more mature Cole has come to the realization that while sports are amazing, they shouldn’t drain your mood for more than about 30 minutes to an hour. That doesn’t mean you can’t be upset, but it does mean that eventually you need to move on with your life.

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