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Why Does A Microwave Explode & How Best Tips To Prevent It

Why Does A Microwave Explode & How Best Tips To Prevent It

Microwaves make your life simpler, especially your mealtimes. You can cook, reheat, and even bake food items. Wouldn’t your life be a mess if something happened to it? Microwave ovens are susceptible to malfunctioning and can even explode. They’ll emit smoke or catch fire, which threatens your security. This blog will brief you about the causes and how to prevent explosions.

Why Does A Microwave Explode?

The microwave oven is an essential item of the kitchen. However, if you don’t follow the instructions or misuse them, it can trigger fires and explosions. There are a few common causes for an explosion in the microwave:

  • Cooking unauthorized food – Some foods aren’t recommended for microwaving due to their structure and shape. If you try to cook a shelled egg, there will be less space for the cooking egg to expand, leading to the steam formation and pressure buildup. The egg will likely explode. Such kinds of mistakes are common among college kids who have basic cooking skills and try to save some dollars. Needless to say, you must work with precaution.
  • Faulty appliance – Microwave companies do quality checks to ensure they are up to safety standards. This reduces the risk of accidents, as the device stops working in case of power irregularities. However, cases of manufacturing defects occur. Improper installation can lead to sparks or short circuits and fire breakout.
  • Using metal cookware – Metallic substances are made up of atoms. When microwaves pass through the electrons, they start vibrating, which leads to building heat within the microwave, and the temperature rises. If the vessel remains within the microwave, it can cause a fire.

Tips To Prevent The Microwave From Exploding

Microwave explosions are nasty occurrences and threats to your safety. To avoid them, you should follow the instructions given in the product manual. It contains details of proper installation, how to use it, and maintenance of the appliance.

Here are a few tips to prevent your microwave from exploding –

  • The instruction manual of the microwave provides details for installation and power requirements. The power socket must have the specific power ratings mentioned in the manual. It helps to avoid electrical damage and even short circuits.
  • Keep up with the maintenance of the appliance. Regular cleaning of the appliance and its surroundings maintains hygiene and reduces the risk of malfunctions due to wear and tear. Do not forget the most important thing – unplug the appliance before doing any cleaning work.
  • You may be a cooking enthusiast looking to try various dishes in the microwave, but it’s not safe to experiment without checking. You must cook only the recommended items and keep an eye on the temperatures and times you set. This will serve as a precautionary measure.
  • You should avoid using metal utensils for cooking as they melt at high temperatures. Even the ones with metallic or aluminum rims should be avoided.
  • Avoid placing flammable substances like paper, cloth, alcohol, etc. near the microwave. This increases the odds of fire breakouts.
  • You must operate the microwave using safety gloves to prevent your hand from burning and getting injured due to hot food.
  • Follow the suitable modes of operation when using microwaves. If they have some pre-set modes, you must use them for cooking the recommended food.
  • If you notice the need for repairs, you must get it fixed immediately by a professional. For those who aren’t sure who to call, you can prepare yourself in advance by purchasing a warranty plan from any of the home warranty companies that would look after the repairs. Or you can even seek recommendations from neighbors for a good repairman. Either way, do not leave the fault unattended.
  • It goes without saying, keep your child away from the microwave. The microwaves used by the appliance pose a burn risk for kids. Do not let them operate it without your supervision.

Even after precautions, at some point luck might not be on your side. If your kitchen catches fire due to an exploded microwave,  act immediately. You must use a class C fire extinguisher if you have one to douse the fire. If it is beyond control, call the local fire department for help and assistance.

Final Word

Sometimes mishappenings are not our fault; they are hard luck. But it is our responsibility to ensure we minimize the chances of accidents. Keeping the appliance maintained and clean is the best method to avoid malfunctions and accidents.

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