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Clear Choice Review: How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair

Sometimes, While having a hair follicle drug test, there are chances you can be introduced to a new challenge: Urine Test. Imagine for a while you have found that dream job after hustling for years or traveling abroad for whatever genuine reason, and suddenly a drug test comes as a nightmare, and now you are left wondering what to do.

For your rescue, we have synthetic urine test kits, which has the potential to pull you out of this frightful situation,

What’s Good About It:

  • Been Around for a While: This isn’t some new kid on the block. Clear Choice has a good track record and has built trust over the years.
  • Just Like the Real Thing: It’s made to match real human pee closely, with stuff like creatinine and urea in it.
  • Easy Temp Check: The pack comes with a temperature strip. This helps make sure your sample feels like it’s fresh from a human.
  • All-in-One Kit: They give you all the bits and bobs you might need, like heating pads and sometimes even a belt.

Who Is It For?

Clear Choice might be your pick if you’re looking for a premium synthetic urine kit and are willing to pay a bit more for quality. You should refer to Tribune India for a more detailed and informed purchase. However, it’s essential to understand the risks and local regulations before deciding.

How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair?

THC, or more specifically its main metabolite THC-COOH, can be detected in hair for a prolonged period compared to other testing methods. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Hair Follicle Drug Test for THC:

When you consume cannabis, THC metabolites get circulated in the bloodstream. As your hair grows, these metabolites are trapped in the hair shaft.

  • Detection Window: Hair grows approximately 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) per month. Most hair drug tests will test a 1.5-inch segment of hair taken from near the scalp, which provides a detection window of approximately 90 days or 3 months.
  • Limitations: While hair tests can detect drug use over a more extended period, they might not be as effective at identifying very recent use (within the last week) because it takes time for hair to grow.
  • Sensitivity: Hair tests can be very sensitive. Even minimal marijuana exposure, like second-hand smoke, might be detected, though most tests are designed to avoid false positives from such exposure.

How Long Can THC Be Identified In Urine?

The length of time THC can be detected in a urine test varies based on several factors, including the frequency of marijuana use. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Just Tried It Once? If you just took a hit once and haven’t been lighting up regularly, you’re looking at up to 3 days for THC to clear out from your urine.
  • Puff Every Now and Then? If you’re more of a weekend warrior or had a few sessions spread out, it’s gonna be in there for about 10 to 20 days.
  • Daily Ritual? For the regulars who light up almost every day, THC can hang out in your system for up to a month or even a bit more.
  • All Day, Every Day? Now, if you’re blazing multiple times a day for a long while, THC can take its sweet time leaving. We’re talking up to 45 to 77 days or even more in some cases. Yeah, that long.

Keep in mind that everyone’s body is a bit different. Some individuals might clear it out faster because of their metabolism, how much they work out, or just how their body handles stuff. The strength of what you’re smoking matters, too.

But seriously, if you’ve got a test coming up, it’s always good to be on the safe side. It is recommended to pass the drug test by using synthetic urine.

How To Use A Synthetic Urine Kit? 

Alright, if you’re considering using a synthetic urine kit, you’ve got to be super careful. I’ll break it down for you step by step. But remember, always double-check with the kit’s specific instructions since different brands might have slight variations.

  • Heat It Up: Most kits come with a heating pad or element. You’re going to want to activate this first. The goal is to get the synthetic urine to a body-like temperature, usually between 90°F and 100°F (32°C to 37°C).
  • Shake It: Make sure to shake the synthetic urine bottle gently. You want to ensure any sediments or particles are well-mixed.
  • Attach the Heating Pad: Use the provided rubber band or tape to attach the heating pad to the bottle. This helps maintain the temperature.
  • Check the Temp: Most kits come with a temperature strip on the bottle. Always check this before submitting the sample. If it’s too hot or cold, wait a bit or find a way to adjust it.
  • Strap Up: Some kits have belts or straps for easier concealment. If yours does, strap it on, making sure it’s discreet and hidden under your clothing.
  • Pour and Go: When it’s go-time, pour the synthetic urine into the test cup. Try to be as natural as possible and act cool. If you’re being observed (which can sometimes happen), it’ll be harder to use the kit.
  • Dispose: After you’ve poured the sample, discreetly discard any evidence, like the bottle, heating pad, etc.

A couple of extra tips

  • Practice: If you can, do a dry run before the actual test to get a feel for the process.
  • Stay Calm: Getting nervous might draw attention. Breathe, stay cool, and act as naturally as you can.
  • Know the Risks: Remember, using synthetic urine to cheat a drug test can have legal or job-related consequences. Be sure you’re aware of what’s at stake.

What Are Some Measures One Should Take Before Giving A Urine Test?

There are some steps you should consider to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here’s a list of things to remember:

  • Know What’s Being Tested For: Different tests look for different substances. If it’s for employment, they might be checking for drugs. If it’s for a doctor’s visit, they could be testing for various health markers.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water, but don’t go overboard. While it’s good to be hydrated, diluting your urine too much might make it seem like you’re trying to cheat the test.
  • Avoid Certain Foods/Drugs: Some foods or over-the-counter meds can trigger false positives. For instance, consuming large amounts of poppy seeds can cause a false positive for opioids. Always disclose any medications you’re on to the tester.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine: Both are diuretics and can overly dilute your urine. This might make you appear as if you’re trying to flush out your system.
  • Don’t Exercise Right Before: Breaking down muscle can release creatinine, which might skew some test results.
  • Be Honest: If you’ve taken prescription drugs or other substances, be upfront about it. Honesty can save you a lot of trouble, especially if you find out later.
  • Understand Your Rights: In some places, especially for employment tests, you might have rights regarding how and where you’re tested, who sees the results, etc. Know these rights before you go in.
  • Stay Calm: Anxiety and stress can affect some test results. Take deep breaths and stay as relaxed as possible.
  • Follow Instructions: Each test might have specific instructions. Listen carefully and follow them to the letter.
  • Ask About Retests: If, for some reason, you believe there was an error or contamination, inquire about the possibility of a retest.

Conclusion: How Long Does THC Stay In Your Hair 

From understanding what’s being tested for to ensuring your body is in the best condition to provide a sample, being informed and proactive makes a difference. It’s always wise to approach such situations honestly and with integrity. However, I understand that life can throw curveballs, and everyone’s circumstances vary.

For those who find themselves in unique situations or might be concerned about specific elements showing up in a drug test, synthetic urine kits have been a sought-after solution for many. These kits are crafted to mimic natural human urine closely, and for some, they’ve proven to be a viable alternative.

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